Drug-Induced Urticaria

People can develop hives due to adverse reactions to drugs. These can be slightly irritating or have mild side effects. These side effects are vomiting, nausea, and in severe cases anaphylaxis. This is a result of a chemical steps that occur in the body. It’s possible to first have no problems with the medication. It may take a while to produce antibodies to create he hives. It’s common for blood pressure beta blockers resulting in wheals to create a problem with your body.

Why Do I Fear Bathing?

The fear of bathing or ablutophobia is not a very common phobia, but some people do have it. Like many different phobias there are a few different reasons why people develop this fear. It’s likely that the person experienced troubles in the bathtub when they were a child. This could be slipping and hurting themselves or something alike. Now everytime they think of taking a bath they relive that bad experience. This eventually will develop into ablutophobia if the sufferer refuses to bath for more than six consistent months.

Other children may have experienced punishment that involved water. This could spark that fear as well. An adult may have been forced under water for a period of time during an assault. Now they avoid ever bathing for fear of being drowned. This will keep them from socializing with those around them and developing personal relationships throughout their lifetime.

Scared of thunder and lightning?

If you are persistently fearful of thunder and lightning you are suffering from what is known as astraphobia. Don’t worry! You aren’t alone. This is actually the third most common phobia that people have, just behind snakes and spiders. It is also very prevalent in animals, like dogs and cats.

Because thunderstorms are so unpredictable, can intensify fast, produce damaging winds, tornadoes, and floods, just to name a few makes them strike fear in many people. The loud noises can make a person go into a full blown state of panic. Obsessing over the weather forecasts and refusing to schedule any activities too far in advance for fear a storm may hit when you are away from home are key signs that you have this specific situational phobia.

Is An Overactive Bladder Ruining Your Plans

An overactive bladder can be frustrating and feel like it is taking over your life. Those who have this condition feel a constant need to urinate. If you feel the urge more than eight times a day for a consistent period of time it’s likely you have OAB.

This is a simple problem that can be fixed by taking daily bladder support supplements and watching what you eat as well as drink. Visiting http://flotrolbladdercontrol.org/2016/01/18/what-is-an-overactive-bladder/ will give you a good idea about the symptoms of this condition and what you can do to eliminate it.

There is no reason to keep living with this condition. Before you know it your bladder will be controlling the way you live. Suddenly you won’t want to go out or enjoy a day at the beach because you will be scheduling around where there are places with an abundance of restrooms. Don’t let this happen. Take back control of your bladder.

Hives: The Itchy And Swelling Infection That Sticks Around

Hives can be a frustrating skin condition, and for those with chronic urticaria it can seem like the symptoms will never end. You know you have hives when many welts appear on the skin that are red, swollen, itching, and sometimes produce a burning sensation.

Hives are typically triggered by physical stimuli or stress. Many medications, insect bites/stings, foods, and other substances can trigger the skin infection to occur.

These happen due to a histamine release in the body. This is what the body does to help fight against the problem (or the trigger) it notices affects the health of the human. Antihistamines are common treatments for skin urticaria.

If you would like to learn more about hives be sure to visit http://oxyhiveshealth.com/are-hives-contagious-or-not/. This is a very helpful resource that talks about everything urticaria.